What our clients say about us

“Having Thirst Link on board, has worked very well for Imperial College London.  They provided the “link” between us and the vending suppliers and we were able to tap into their knowledge and experience.  This saved us much needed time, and was at no cost to the College. They really did make sure that we got the right solution at the right price.”


“Deciding on whether to operate our own catering or outsource proved to be a complicated decision.  We brought Thirst Link in early to the process – they knew which contract caterer was suitable for our sector and the best “fit” for us.  Good result all round.”


“We appointed Thirst Link when we were experiencing serious problems with our incumbent vending company.  Thirst Link know these operators well and were able to work with them, to iron out the problems. The support they gave us was invaluable and we are now receiving a far better service.”


“As the Group Facilities Manager of a management training company I was concerned that we were being serviced by 7 different vending operators across our UK sites.  The service provided varied, in some cases it was just not good enough. In addition, the vending equipment we had in place looked old, the quality of drinks available to delegates was mediocre and certainly not in keeping with our company image. Thirst Link was recommended to us and they were able to satisfactorily resolve all my concerns and achieve my objectives.”


“We were impressed with their level of knowledge and professionalism, so we have commissioned Thirst Link to assist us with our vending tender negotiations.”


“When Thirst Link was appointed, they were just like an extension to my team, not like “consultants”.  They assisted us to appoint the most suitable vending operator to meet our requirements and to implement just the one operating agreement for the whole of the country.  Thank you!”


“Our catering service was poorly used and basically not fit for purpose.  We contacted Thirst Link and they explained how they could help us to make the service work better. Together we came up with a simple solution with the RIGHT contractor.  All we needed was a fresh pair of eyes to review our arrangements.”


“I was tasked to find a new vending and drinking water solution without any capital outlay or leasing commitments – some task!  But Thirst Link not only assisted me to achieve this, but the new service also resulted in a healthy reduction in our previous subsidy.  A job well done!”


“We certainly benefited from Thirst Link’s specialist knowledge throughout this project, as we were surprised at the detailed complexities in choosing the right vending supplier. It was great that we ended up with a significant improvement in service and annual cost savings.”


“The change-over of vending suppliers at each office went very smoothly.  Thirst Link was very thorough and ensured that all parties communicated with each other.  We now have modern, reliable equipment providing our staff with a wider variety and better quality of drinks. We have received excellent feedback from our staff, we only wish we had changed over sooner!”


“Our relationship with Thirst Link is on-going, as we wanted them to keep an eye on our interests throughout the term of the contract. A Director from Thirst Link attends all performance review meetings assisting us to manage and monitor the service.”


“Would I work with Thirst Link again?  Absolutely, they take away the stress of managing it myself and they are very professional, and really nice people!”