Services to FM and Caterers


  • Vending Benchmarking and impartial Advice

We will provide a FREE objective assessment of your client’s current service. After detailed analysis of all their contractual, sales and service data we will submit to you a report and recommendations for you to present to your client (or for us to present and discuss on your behalf).


  • Vending Contract renegotiation

At any stage of the contract cycle with your client’s current vending operator, TLC can assist to improve service standards, reduce costs and obtain the most competitive financial terms.


  • New Equipment Supply

Where the client is looking to have the Vending (and HORECA and Water) machines operated by the FM Company or the on-site Caterer, TLC is able to independently assess and objectively advise on the most appropriate equipment and then supply new (or remanufactured) machines direct from the manufacturer at advantageous terms. We also arrange the technical maintenance support from the most appropriate specialist technical provider.


  • Vending, Water and Cashless Professional Tendering

Utilising our expert knowledge, proven systems and unique templates, TLC will work alongside you and your client as an extension to your team and complete a meticulous tendering process on your behalf. We guarantee that your client will obtain the most appropriate and competitive solution for their particular requirement.


  • Oversee Implementation

We will coordinate all activity and be the focal point of contact for you, your client and the chosen supplier/s to ensure that mobilisation of the new machines and contract is carried out seamlessly and to plan. We will also help compile a bespoke operating contract and effective SLA to protect both your and your clients’ best interests.


  • Vending Operator Monitoring

After the new contract has been mobilised we will monitor the supplier’s performance on behalf of the FM or Catering Company, to ensure that all promises made during the tendering process are delivered. TLC may attend all vending contract review meetings, follow through all agreed action points plus conduct quality audits to continuously seek to enhance the service from your clients chosen supplier.


We would be pleased to meet with you for a no obligation discussion. We can quickly and easily establish where we may be of assistance to you in your supplier selection process and provide your company with a no cost and no risk solution.