CSR and the Environment

  • Greener Vending


With a lot of media hype and governmental pressure around helping the environment, how can you be sure you are doing your bit?


By nature, each part of the Vending and POU Water industries has a different impact on the environment.  One of the reasons why companies turn to Thirst Link is our environmental commitment. Indeed, by the promotion and awareness of the carbon reduction opportunities available in these sectors, we have helped many organisations significantly reduce their carbon emissions relating to their Vending and Water Cooler services.


Thirst Link believes that every business has the responsibility and opportunity to have a positive impact on the environment and, by working together with their clients, they can help them back up the claims to underpin their environment policy.


We constantly monitor all industry developments to ensure our clients are at the forefront of any best practice innovations and new environmental legislation.  Thirst Link will implement their CSR Audit of a client’s current Vending and POU Water services.  This process highlights to the client ways to reduce the carbon footprint associated with their vending and water equipment, e.g. decreasing energy consumption, using products from renewable sources and recycling.


We would be pleased to meet with you for a no obligation discussion. We can quickly and easily establish where we may be of assistance to you in your supplier selection process and provide your company with a no cost and no risk solution.