Catering Consultancy & Tendering Services

The on-site catering service plays a vital role in shaping the workplace experience and directly effects an individual’s engagement, wellbeing and productivity. We recognise that the provision of catering services can also be complex as the requirements of the modern-day workplace are constantly changing and evolving.

Working on your behalf, Thirst Link can fully manage the competitive tendering process for catering and support services, from the initial production of pre-qualification tender documentation through to bid analysis, contract negotiation and contract implementation.

Whether you need additional catering expertise or an independent perspective, one of our catering specialists will work with you to ensure all your project objectives are met on time and on budget.

We can help in many areas, whether you are looking for a simple solution to cater for employees, need to find the right contractor or just need a fresh pair of eyes to review your current arrangements. Whatever your needs, our catering expert will work very closely with you and together we will ensure you choose the right catering (and refreshments vending) solution that best fits the current and future needs of your business.


We are independent of any suppliers or contract caterers, therefore, our clearly thought out advice and recommendations on every aspect of the provision and management of catering and hospitality services is truly objective.

Our tendering process will assist you to select the best fit contract caterer for your organisation who will fulfil all your objectives and deliver a great service.


We offer a completely free initial consultation during which we will listen to your issues and discuss them with you. At this first meeting we will confirm what you will receive from us, how long it will take and how much it will cost.

If your catering service is poorly utilised, over budget or no longer fit for purpose, then please get in touch and speak to one of our team to discuss how we can work with you to make the service work better for your business.