Vending Consultancy & Tendering Services

We will provide an objective assessment of your current service at no cost. After our detailed analysis of all contractual, sales and service data we will submit to you a report with our recommendations on the most suitable solution for your needs and the most prudent time to take the appropriate action.


At any stage of the contract cycle with your current vending operator, Thirst Link can assist you to improve service standards, reduce costs and where advised renew the contract on the most competitive financial terms.


Utilising our expert knowledge, proven systems and unique templates, Thirst Link will work alongside you as an extension to your team and complete a meticulous tendering process on your behalf. We guarantee that you will obtain the most appropriate and competitive solution for your requirement.


We will coordinate all activity and be the focal point of contact in ensuring that mobilisation of the new machines and contract is carried out seamlessly and to plan. We will also put in place a bespoke operating contract and SLA to protect your best interests.


After the new contract has been mobilised, Thirst Link will monitor the supplier’s performance to ensure that all promises made during the tendering process are delivered. We attend review meetings and follow through all action points, using KPIs and quality audits to continuously seek to enhance and develop the service from your chosen supplier.


This is an optional more hands-on service from Thirst Link, whereby we effectively manage the supplier on your behalf. We become the essential ‘link’ between you, our client, and the vending operator. Our focus is on working together with you and the vending company to closely monitor sales and performance to maximum sales returns and ensure the most cost-efficient service for the mutual benefit of all parties.


Telemetry and Cashless Systems continue to enjoy growing enthusiasm from users, clients, vending operators and caterers alike. They provide the opportunity, in the workplace, to have a similar shopping experience as in the local mall and reduce the cost and administration of managing transactions.

The technology is developing rapidly and keeping up with ‘Chip & Pin’, ‘Wave & Pay’ and encryption technologies can make the selection of the best solution for you complex. Thirst Link can help you with this and guide you through the selection process.


By nature, each part of the Vending, Catering and POU Water industries has a different impact on the environment. One of the reasons why companies turn to Thirst Link is our environmental commitment. Indeed, by the promotion and awareness of the carbon reduction opportunities available in these sectors, we have helped many organisations significantly reduce their carbon emissions relating to their Vending and Water Cooler services.

We keep up to date and monitor all industry developments to ensure our clients are at the forefront of any best practice innovations and new environmental legislation. Thirst Link will implement our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Audit of a client’s current Vending, Catering or POU Water services.  This process highlights to the client ways to reduce carbon footprint associated with the service(s), such as decreasing energy consumption, using products from renewable sources and recycling etc.


We would be delighted to meet with you for a no obligation discussion. We can quickly and easily establish where we may be of assistance to you in your supplier selection process and provide your company with a no cost, no risk solution.