Cup lid warns when coffee is too hot to drink

An award-winning heat-sensitive coffee cup lid that warns of hot contents by turning bright red is now available.

The Smart Lid provides a solution to the problem. When the heat-sensitive lid is placed on a hot drink, it changes colour to bright red, making it easy to warn when the coffee is hot enough to scald. The lid is direct food contact compliant, so it’s safe to use and turns bright red above 118˚F. When the coffee cools, the Smart Lid changes colour again.

“The Smart Lid is currently being sold to cafes in Australia,” said Smart Lid Systems director Anthony Bayss. “However, the number one question we receive every day comes from North America and from Europe, asking when the Smart Lid will be available in your home or in your office.”

Bayss added, “In the US alone, there are 180 million daily coffee drinkers and 170 million daily tea drinkers. These drinkers now have a visual warning indicator to aid in the prevention of many scald accidents. The end game for us is to have the product available to all consumers through the major retailers.”


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