Countertop juice machine for workplaces

A new Fructomat juice machine designed to go head to head with office water coolers is rolling out to vending and Office Coffee Solutions (OCS) operators in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Offering a fresh take on beverage vending, the Fructomat postmix bag-in-box machine delivers custom-prepared, vitamin-enhanced fruit juice drinks at the touch of a button. The eco-friendly machine allows customers to use their own cups, reducing waste, and benefits the operator by eliminating labour and expenses associated with handling and storing finished packaged drinks.

The new U.S.-made model is manufactured by Fructomat USA. Vice-president of marketing Howard Heller, said a selling point for operators of the new Fructomat model is that it provides pure water and a selection of beverages for the same cost as or less than what they are paying for water alone from a conventional water cooler.

The countertop dispenser serves four different vitamin-enriched juice drink choices, along with filtered cold water. Users can also carbonate their selections for added variety and adjust their drink strength from “light” (less concentrate) to “long” (more concentrate). A password-protected electronic menu allows operators to adjust beverage sweetness, intensity and price, language settings and drink counters.

Equipped with a new pumping system, the countertop Fructomat can dispense more than 1,000 drinks before it requires refilling. It conserves energy by chilling only the amount of water needed for each drink at the time of preparation.

Fructomat machines can be plumbed into an existing water line or, if not available, water can be pumped into them from a water bottle. Drinks can be dispensed in free or vending modes; coin and bill payment mechanisms may be added. The machine’s stainless steel front panel can be customised with the operator’s choice of graphics or logos. Optional service bases are available.

Fructomat machines feature a telemetric system that automatically sends a text message to the operator’s PC or mobile phone whenever a refill is needed, a malfunction has occurred, or sanitation maintenance is required.

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