What’s new at Vending Paris 2014

US-based company Natural Choice Corporation were displaying their new iON drinking water appliance at the Vending Paris exhibition.

The iON machine features InstaChill technology, which instantly chills water without air contacting the water supply, and a RapidHot system that has the capacity to produce up to two gallons of piping hot water per hour.

This product also offers a sparkling water option, as well as an energy saving ‘sleep mode’, and its CarbonPlus Filter can be removed by hand without turning off the water supply.

Also at the exhibition was the new Easymeal vending machine: a vending system designed specifically for ready meals that includes three of its very own microwaves. This vending machine holds 12 different meals, all of which contain cutlery and take two minutes to cook.  Apparently, the company doesn’t charge for the installation of its new vending machine, and stated that this product was built in order to ‘bring convenience to the lives of public consumers’.

Also of note was the Philips’ Saeco brand exhibiting its new Atlante 700 Espresso Beverage Dispenser, capable of holding up to 700 cups, offering as many as 60 different products with 20 different selection choices. Saeco’s latest product also includes a rotating plate system and features pre-heating Power Boost technology.

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