The vending machine says “no”

A new vending machine using facial recognition can refuse to vend a product based on such criteria as age, medical needs or purchase history.

Debuting in the UK, the Luce X2 Touch TV vending machine can be programmed to identify and greet self-registered users and provide them with customised options based on their previous purchases, preferences, and dietary needs and restrictions.

It’s made by Italy’s Rheavendors and distributed exclusively by the UK’s Smart Vend Solutions.

If the user’s snack choice doesn’t fit his or her profile, the Luce X2 will not dispense the item. It can be programmed to deny someone with diabetes foods containing sugar, withhold items with peanuts from someone allergic to them, and keep dieters on track by denying them high-calorie, high-fat snacks.

The machine can also be programmed to keep minors from buying cigarettes. The machine’s 22″ touchscreen can be used for advertising and to display nutritional information.

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