Temporary tattoos – from your vending machine

“Vending Supply” is the premier manufacturer of US made temporary tattoos and stickers for flat vending machines. All of their products are pre-packaged in cardboard sleeves so that they are ready to vend.

Now available is a line illustrating the very popular “boy band” One Direction. The company reports that it has exclusive worldwide distribution rights to the vendible tattoos.  According to the company, One Direction is a favourite of “tween” and teen girls, a demographic that has driven the band’s success.

The new tattoo series includes 12 unique designs, so fans can collect all 12 on their quest to secure their favourite band member’s smiling

“This license is exactly what our customers have been asking for,” said Vending Supply business development executive Melissa Mouradian. “These girls will keep plugging coins into the machine until they get the boy they want.”


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