Surprise results on who provides the best coffee experience

A recent UK survey reveals that consumers rate Greggs and Prêt à Manger as providing the best coffee experiences, followed by Café Nero, Costa Coffee and Starbucks.

The survey was conducted online in January 2015 across the UK of 4,500 consumers aged from 19 to over 65.  68% were women.  They were asked to rate their satisfaction with their last experience at a given coffee shop and their likelihood to recommend it to others.

The researchers also looked at the attributes that drive consumer preferences, focusing on eight critical drivers such as service, food quality and value. Consumers rated Prêt à Manger as being the best on seven of the eight, with Greggs scoring best on only one – value received for money spent. Greggs came in second best on friendliness of staff, speed of service, and store cleanliness.



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