Surf wax vending machines

U.S. company Wax Vending embarks on a month long journey across the East Coast to install its first fleet of custom built surf wax vending machines. Stocked with Bubble Gum Surf Wax and located directly outside local surf shops, the machines will provide surf communities with 24 hour access to surf wax year-round. The company plans to have over 50 machines in operation by mid Spring.

Constructed from anodized aluminum, insulated and built to withstand the elements, the machines are more than a reliable source of wax to surfers and additional income to surf shops. The company aims to become the first dedicated outdoor media platform for the action sports industry, utilising the machines to offer brands the chance to engage with a captive audience of surfers minutes before they hit the water.

Wax Vending will offer individual sponsors outdoor ad space on the face of each machine and custom branded wax labels to match. In addition to these outdoor and printed mediums, the machine is equipped with NFC (near field communication), allowing for mobile interaction with surfers. While purchasing wax, surfers can “tap” their phone to the ad board and be instantly directed to branded videos and other rich digital content.

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