Strongbow Dark Fruit vending machine

To mark the launch of Strongbow Dark Fruit, commuters were challenged to step up and take aim at an interactive vending machine at one of the UK’s busiest train stations, Victoria.

The specially built vending machine was commissioned to celebrate the launch of new Strongbow Dark Fruit, which combines Strongbow cider, blackcurrant and blackberry juices.

The vending machine forms part of the cider’s ‘Earn It’ campaign, which throws down the gauntlet to consumers, asking them to step up and take on a series of challenges, including cricket, football, ‘tough mudder’ and stand-up.

Commuters at London’s Victoria Station were asked to adopt the Strongbow archer pose and fire a virtual arrow at the blackberry target on the screen. Picking up their movement using kinetic software, successful challengers who hit the blackberry in three attempts or less were rewarded with a can of Strongbow Dark Fruit.

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