Still true to this day….

The Thirst Link strap line, “A First for objective vending advice… A Thirst for quality solutions” created by our founding directors Roy Girt and David Bate back in 2005, is still true to this day. We think it sums up rather well what we do.


We are a “one stop shop” for Vending, Water & Catering advice and, because we have no ties to any supplier, vending operator, contract caterer or equipment manufacturer, we are ideally placed to provide truly objective advice to our clients.

The Partners’ expert knowledge extends to all Vending, Catering and related services, including all types of vending equipment, POU water units and cashless systems etc. even down to ensuring that the best tasting teas, coffees and other products are dispensed, to suit a client’s requirement and budget.

Most senior managers of successful companies prefer to focus on their key business tasks and non-core services tend to be pushed to one side. And that’s where we come in. Armed with the most up to date industry knowledge, we then assist our clients through what can be a challenging process, to select the most appropriate machines and service provider. But don’t take our word for it – we are proud to share case studies and testimonials on our website where we have done “a good job”!

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