Speciality coffee market is booming

A recent report has shown that the UK’s coffee scene is radically transforming, due to a growing wave of independent coffee businesses eager to innovate and challenge existing standards of quality, taste and service.

There are approximately 1,400 independent speciality coffee venues in the UK. This fast-growing but immature market is characterised by very new businesses – nearly half of venues interviewed for the study indicated that they have been operating for 2 years or less – but the majority of venue owners plan to open new stores in the next 3 years.

Greater innovation in Espresso and coffee grinding equipment is helping baristas reach higher levels of consistency and accuracy in their quest to serve the best quality coffee for the consumer.  Speciality coffee venues are also experimenting with new beverages including cold brew and speciality teas.  In the future, streamlined bar environments and increased automation will facilitate greater service-orientation from baristas.

The UK speciality roasted coffee market has an estimated annual value of £80m and is forecast to reach double that value by 2020.  This growth is being driven by strong consumer demand for quality coffee.


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