Sodexo plans new options for healthier vending

Sodexo has joined the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) anti-obesity initiative in the sites it serves, and its vending machines factor heavily into its plans. Through its commitment to PHA, chaired by first lady Michelle Obama, Sodexo has pledged to provide at least 30% healthier options in 45% of its vending accounts by 2018.

The contract foodservice giant has also committed to implementing its Mindful healthy dining programme in 95% of foodservice accounts in some markets by 2017. Additionally, Sodexo said it will institute a “smarter” lunchroom programme equipping primary and secondary school lunchrooms with tools to improve students’ eating behaviours and it will serve an additional 17 million free breakfast meals in schools by 2018 in its primary and secondary school accounts.

Children’s meals at 40% of Sodexo foodservice accounts at cultural destinations will be served with a fruit or vegetable side and water or low-fat milk beverage by 2015. These locations include places like aquariums, museums, ballparks and other recreational venues where Sodexo manages foodservice. Finally, Sodexo has committed to implementing the PHA Hospital Healthy Food Initiative in 20% of accounts by 2018.

“Sodexo’s commitment is an example of how one company can have widespread impact on the food system, from school food to vending machines, businesses, hospitals and hotels,” said PHA chief executive Lawrence A. Soler.

Sodexo in North America reaches 15 million consumers each day in more than 9,000 client locations and serves more than 2 million school meals daily. PHA currently has 60 members from the public, private and nonprofit sectors dedicated to developing strategies to end childhood obesity.

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