Social network to build Coffee Shops to foster face-to-face conversation

Over Coffee a new social network built around connecting  people over coffee and conversation, has gone live and plans to open  bricks-and-mortar coffeehouses in the future to give a physical presence to its  online activity. The online community is already attracting a diverse range of  coffee lovers from all over the world.

In addition to profile pages, walls and photo albums, Over Coffee offers people  the chance to write their own personal stories about coffee and life, which can  become featured in the “Coffee Stories” section. There are also editorial pieces  on different coffees, their backgrounds, and how to make them at home. An  interactive map of the world lets people add their favorite coffee shop and  there is a shop where users can buy coffee beans, coffee makers, mugs and other  coffee-related gifts. Over Coffee plans to continue its expansion and open a  coffee chain in order to bring people’s activity and stories on the social  network to life, so there will be both an online and offline place for its users  to connect over coffee.

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