So what’s new?

Thirst Link attended this year’s Vendex vending exhibition at the National Motorcycle Museum hoping to find some innovative technology, and keen to meet a mixture of manufacturers, importers, distributors and wholesalers.

The exhibition featured an array of recently released snack food items suitable for the vending industry, all eagerly tasted by the team!   We felt that the best of them, which had more subtle flavours and attractive packaging, should surely do well within the vending sector.

It was good to see a fair range of water cooler companies exhibiting their latest innovations at a vending show. We noticed that Waterlogic’s Waterlogic 3 device, equipped with Firewall UV purification technology, was attracting significant interest, as was AA First’s 4400 Fizz machine, which dispenses a variety of carbonated water.

Another item that proved quite popular was the Pour Moi’s new Express Coffee Station (ECS) all-in-one-system. The machine contains a bean-to-cup dispensing unit and a media screen, as well as a lockable storage area. It has an integrated card payment option allowing users to pay by traditional card insert, mag stripe, wave & pay or mobile phone.

As technology advances, cashless payments – in particular payments using mobile phones – are on the rise in the vending industry. A large variety of cashless payment systems were on display and manufacturers were keen to explain to visitors the benefits of their particular cashless models.

One of them, Nayax, can be retrospectively fitted onto the vast majority of existing vending machines and provides consumers with an array of cashless payment options. The Nayax VPOS accepts swipe, contact and contactless cards, as well as prepaid cards and mobile SMS and NFC payments. We understood that this module was easy to install, simple to use and catered for remote software updates.


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