Russia’s largest vending company, establishes UK Joint Venture

Uvenco Russia, the largest operator of vending machines in Eastern Europe, has entered into a joint venture with Glimmer Europe.  Glimmer is led by Blair Jenkins, the ex CEO of SnackTime PLC, a large UK vending operator with over 30,000 customers.  Uvenco is owned by Boris Belotserkovsky, a prominent Russian businessman and President of the Russian Vending Association (RNVA).

Uvenco operates a range of cutting-edge vending machines with world-class bi-directional telemetry capability. Most models feature full-face touch screens and have built in cashless payment systems as standard.

The goal of the Joint Venture is to establish a large operational base in the UK vending market through a combination of organic and acquisitional growth. Britain is Uvenco’s first Western European Joint Venture. Blair Jenkins becomes Chairman and CEO of the new Uvenco UK Joint Venture.

Belotserkovsky said: “We have quickly established ourselves as the leading Vending operator in Eastern Europe and now seek to bring our technology and skills to Western Europe. We believe the UK is an ideal place to start Western European operations because of its acceptance of new ideas and pragmatic labour laws. We believe that the combination of Blair’s financial resources, entrepreneurial skills, UK vending expertise and corporate business experience make him an ideal partner for Uvenco.”

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