Reliance and Norland to merge

Reliance Facilities Management is to be combined with the managed services division of Norland from 1 April, forming a new business with a turnover of more than £100m.

Norland says the transition will be helped as both companies share a common parent. In fact, Norland came into existence in the early ‘80s as Reliance Environmental Services before being separated to stand on its own.

The full company, somewhat confusingly named Norland Managed Services, now employs 2,500 staff across 11 offices and has a total turnover of more than £300m.

Norland Chief Executive Ian Entwisle commented: “This brings together two leading players in the FM market that will enable the new business to provide a broader range of skills, services and capability to existing customers and will be better placed to meet the future demands of the market.

“The new joined business will certainly be synergistic, and will lead to some cost savings, although with Norland’s rapid growth, the intention is to re-deploy the majority of duplicated roles within the group.”

We understand that Norland’s Paul Saville King will lead the new enlarged business. Reliance CEO Paul Crilly has confirmed that he is committed to supporting the integration process.

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