Pizza vending machine heads to U.S.

Italy’s Let’s Pizza vending machine has been churning out fresh-made pizzas at the push of a button in Europe for the past three years, and is now going to America.

A1 Concepts, the machine’s Netherlands-based distributor, plans to deploy its first U.S. machine in Atlanta later this year and has forecast rapid expansion after that. Malls, airports, hospitals, hotels, universities and rest stops are among the sites A1 Concepts is targeting.

Introduced in Italy in 2009, the bright red vender makes dough from scratch for each pizza by combining a prepackaged flour mix and separate bag. The machine kneads the mixture and rolls it out to form a crust about 10.5″ in diameter. It then applies the sauce and layers on the selected toppings. Patrons can choose from four varieties, including pepperoni, ham and bacon. The optional toppings are stored in individually vacuum-sealed pouches.  Following the precooked assembly, the pizza is baked in an infrared oven and delivered in two and half a minutes in a cardboard box.

The machine, which can hold ingredients for 200 pizzas, connects to the Internet to keep track of inventory and to enable cashless payments.

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