PepsiCo potato chip brands surpass $10bn in retail sales

PepsiCo has revealed that its global Banner Sun potato chip portfolio has grown to more than $10bn in annual retail sales, anchored by the food brand, Lay’s.

Lay’s and Walkers are among PepsiCo’s portfolio of 22 billion-​dollar food and beverage brands, a number that has doubled since 2000.

Expansion into international markets has driven the success of PepsiCo’s potato chip portfolio, with about 60% of Banner Sun sales coming from outside North America.

Salman Amin, PepsiCo’s chief marketing officer, said: “PepsiCo continues to focus on growing its largest food and beverage brands, and this milestone is another example of how our efforts are paying off. Whether it’s Lay’s, Walkers, Smith’s or Sabritas, PepsiCo has built some of the world’s strongest brands that are loved by consumers around the globe.

“And it’s because of PepsiCo employees throughout the world that we are able to achieve this impressive milestone – from the growers in our fields to our frontline workforce that makes, sells and delivers our products each and every day.”

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