Optimise your caffeine intake with your phone

For the people whose lives are punctuated with very early mornings and late  nights, they rely heavily on the seemingly magic effects of caffeine to get them  through. However, it’s more complicated than just drinking a pot of coffee in  the morning to keep us awake or perked up for the rest of the day. In fact, it  is very easy to have too much caffeine which may actually have negative side  effects leading to difficulties sleeping and nervousness and  counter-productivity.

To help people avoid the consequences of excess caffeine, researchers have  developed the app Caffeine  Zone that helps people track their daily intake. The developers drew from  several studies that illuminated the proper amount of caffeine for mental  alertness and how much could begin causing issues. Users input their daily  drinking habits as well as how fast they drink it and it will regiment their  intake accordingly.

By putting this information in the hands of the consumer, it makes caffeine  consumption more dynamic and allows people to modify how they drink coffee on a  daily basis. Rather than drinking caffeine the same way every day, it makes it  less habitual and more functional. It visualises as a line graph the positive  and danger zones and lets users tailor the values to their individual habits,  physiology and needs.

By visualising caffeine intake, coffee or soda drinkers can modify how and  when they drink it to get the ideal amount of help without any of the drawbacks.  The ability to keep track allows people to not simply give up caffeine but to  have stronger control over how they drink it. In developing an app, the  researched data about a product is put it into the hands of the consumer  allowing them to leverage more control over it and to use it to their advantage.  Use is thus tailored to the individual.

The app is available to download  for free through iTunes app store for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch.

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