Nutritional labelling compliance made easy

Tri-Label, a newly launched division of Tri-Star Packaging, is set to revolutionise how foodservice companies, including vending operators and suppliers of fresh food to the vending sector, create and print labels for their products.

Vending operators that make up their own sandwiches, or any other foods for sale through their machines, or food manufacturers supplying such items, will be aware that tough new EU laws, due to be introduced in December 2014, will change the rules on allergen and nutrition labelling.

The legislation is by no means set in stone and for small operators it can be difficult and costly to maintain compliance.

Tri-Label will offer vending and foodservice operators and retailers the ability to produce labels from any PC and printer with Tri-Label Online, which uses the UK’s only cloud-based nutrient labelling software package.

The ground-breaking but easy-to-use system is flexible and updatable, eliminating the need to buy or replace software discs whenever labelling regulations change.  Users access Tri-Label Online via a secure web portal, through which operators can amend and self-print their labels as required to comply with the law.

The new system is designed to take away the hassle and cost of complying with the new regulations, helping foodservice companies to amend their labels seamlessly and comply with the law with the minimum of disruption.

The ability to update information instantly ensures future-proof labelling and gives operators complete control over their business.  The service is available for a modest monthly subscription fee (considerably less than £1 a day), which varies according to the size of a business.


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