Next-gen public vending machines coming soon

Selecta and Unicum will introduce its next-generation public vending machines beginning this autumn 2014.

The machines’ key innovations include a 15in touchscreen with an intuitive graphical user interface, multi-vend possibilities via basket shopping, up to 50% more capacity for a wider product offering, a modern design with integrated side panels for advertising, and superior ergonomic product and change delivery.

Regarding servicing, the new vending machines use bi-directional telemetry to allow preventive maintenance, shortening the reaction time for technical intervention and thereby increasing the machine’s uptime.

“We chose to partner with Unicum due to their excellent mechanical and software engineering skills, as well as their proven experience with bi-directional telemetry,” said Patrick Koller, operations development director responsible for new machine concept development at Selecta.

An additional benefit lies in the fact that Unicum belongs to the parent company Uvenco Group, Russian’s leading vending operator.

“This means we are teaming up with a partner that understands the importance of operational efficiency and total cost of ownership considerations when developing a new machine,” said Koller.

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