New plastic bottle concept needs investment

A new plastic bottle concept could be one step closer to hitting supermarket shelves across the world after New-Zealand-based Julien Truesdale’s Eco-Clic bottle design was presented to the board of a global investment fund.

According to Truesdale, the chairman of the unnamed organisation reacted positively to the collapsible Eco-Clic creation and wanted it to be tabled, although as yet there has been no mention of investment or funding.

The Eco-Clic bottle features a collapsible system, which rewards the consumer for reducing the volume of an empty Eco-Clic product before disposing it. Rewards have not yet been finalised but could include anything from instant physical prizes such as tokens or money, to virtual prizes such as QR codes linking to online deals.

Compatible for all types of beverages, including water, milk, juice and soda, the Eco-Clic design’s space-saving nature will result in a reduction of the industry’s transport generated carbon footprint, should it proceed into commercial development.

The Eco-Clic team is seeking private investment for its innovative creation and hopes to launch its new bottle in 2014. A definitive response from the aforementioned global investment fund’s chairman is expected in the near future.

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