Nestlé supports coffee farmers in India

Nestlé is setting up its first coffee ‘demonstration’ farm in India to help farmers improve quality, productivity and sustainability.

The company is helping coffee farmers in the states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu to develop their agricultural practices as demand for Nescafé soluble coffee grows in the country.

Nestlé aims to provide farmers with high-​yielding, disease resistant plantlets developed by its research and development teams.

Through the initiative, the company seeks to source coffee sustainably by working closely with Indian coffee farmers and ensuring competitive prices, transparency and traceability.

Nestlé’s work with Indian farmers is part of the company’s Nescafé Plan, a CHF 350m investment in coffee projects over 10 years.

The plan has already been established in China, Colombia, Côte d’Ivoire, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

It promotes responsible and sustainable practices across Nestlé’s coffee supply chain.

The plan’s objectives include doubling direct coffee purchases by 2015 and delivering 220 million higher quality coffee plantlets to farmers by 2020.

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