Marley Coffee Pod

The coffee “tower” or “pod” is now appearing in more and more outlets and workplaces, where the brand owner wants their product’s unique qualities projected successfully to retain consumer recognition, trust and loyalty, and of course to set their products apart from others in the same market place.

UK based company Regency Design and Print, a leading supplier of design and print for Point of Sale manufacturing, has come up with eye catching and innovative graphics for the Marley Coffee Pod, shortly to be launched in the UK.

The vending machine within the pod has the usual touchscreen navigation, an HD video monitor, LED coloured lighting and has multiple payment options available.

Bob Marley music plays to the consumer whilst their freshly ground organic Marley coffee is prepared. So, not your usual vending machine experience, or as Rohan Marley, founder of Marley Coffee says, “In your hand, you are holding a piece of our dream. One Love.”






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