Loyalty App for Micromarkets

U.S. based company Fresh Healthy Vending International Inc. is launching an integrated solution that allows operators of its micromarkets to process mobile payments and build loyalty directly from the unit’s Apple iPad POS system.

With this new integration, the system provides the full functionality for self-checkout using tablets programmed with QR code and credit card readers. The app allows merchants to accept payments and distribute custom news, rewards and product information to any smartphone user, on Android or Apple iOS, with the downloaded app.

Along with real-time, Web-based reporting capabilities from multiple micromarkets, the system offers a range of reporting options, as well as delivery and inventory-management capabilities, through a companion application for operators using a mobile device. In addition to mobile payments and loyalty, the new app will provide customers with a unit-specific menu of micromarket products, real-time in-app receipts, transaction history and personalised email notifications.


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