Lavazza’s “Blue” system

Lavazza UK is trying hard to improve the UK perception of coffee vending which can be far from enticing – often substandard coffee in cheap cups and from archaic machines.

The company has recognised that the time is ripe to overhaul the vending experience and create something that feels a lot closer to the coffee shop. This is a three-fold exercise – aligning with a known “real” coffee brand; using the best of recent technological innovations; and re-educating staff that both maintain the machines and take responsibility for the coffee served.

Lavazza has harnessed the latest technology available in the manufacture of their vending machines, for example, the N&W Lavazza Blue Canto which operates a vending capsule system guaranteeing “the authentic Italian espresso, every time”.  An innovative distribution system and the sealed capsules preserve the aroma and the freshness of the real Italian coffee till the cup.  This particular machine would be ideal for large office environments and high-traffic public areas.

Over the last 12 months, Lavazza has focused on training and educating their approved partners at their training centre in Uxbridge. In order to develop their partners’ knowledge and continue to develop the company’s gourmet vending concept, a number of courses have been devised covering all elements of delivering excellent coffee.


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