Latte artist turns coffee into art

Boredom can be an incredible breeding ground for creativity. When Mike Breach found himself working in the back of a hotel kitchen with nothing but a espresso machine for company, he was so consumed with boredom that he took to drawing hearts into the milky foam of lattes. His latte art became more intricate, and now his repertoire mainly focuses on portraits of famous folks from Jim Morrison to Yoda, which he shares on his Tumblr page.

Breach is a self-proclaimed ‘esspressionist’ and does incredible things with a bamboo stirrer and foam. As he pours a latte, he sees his palette forming in front of him, visualising how the shades of browns and white will make up his next creation.

Breach says “I kind of want to be like Willy Wonka with coffee – make it interesting and fun for people; take the pretentiousness out of it, take the seriousness out of it.”

Part of the charm of Breach’s work is its fleeting quality – each delicate piece will only last for three minutes, for as the foam dissipates, the portrait fades away.

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