Is it a pub or is it a coffee shop?

It appears that the British pub is becoming more like a coffee shop and a coffee shop is becoming more like a wine bar.

Owners are finding a solution to keeping the revenue flowing at expensive to run buildings that are not used all of the time:

  • The independent brewer Fuller’s opened its first coffee shop in 2014
  • Pub operator Wetherspoons started selling filter coffee last year
  • Craft brewer BrewDog recently acquired a 33% stake in the Third Wave coffee chain and
  • Coffee chain Starbucks is moving into craft beer and wine.

As we all know, the popularity of coffee shops continues to rise in the UK and the market is doing well: it made revenues of £6.2bn in 2014 and grew by 6.4% on the previous year.

But the pubs haven’t done so well – 4,500 pubs closed between 2009 and 2013 – and the industry has endured a very sharp decline over recent years.  So it makes sense for both industries to join forces to try and reverse this trend.


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