Happening at a coffee shop near you??

Java Girls, a fast-​growing national coffee shop franchise featuring attractive baristas wearing nothing more than bikinis and lingerie, has opened its newest location in Central Florida (US).

Customers are lining up for coffee and specialty espresso drinks served by scantily clad workers.

The Java Girls franchise takes the widely successful local coffee house business concept and gives it a risqué twist where its baristas grind, brew and serve a variety of coffee drinks ranging from the traditional “cup of Joe” to the more elaborated cappuccino and espresso-​based drinks.

Since opening its doors in November 2011, Java Girls Orlando has been delighting customers with not just coffee, but an assortment of breakfast and lunch sandwiches that offer customers a convenient hot spot for getting their coffee fix and a quick bite on their way to work.

Java Girls’ marketing antics include themed days, when baristas wear bikinis on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays; lingerie on Tuesdays and Thursdays; and then there’s Fantasy Fridays, when the girls wear sexy costumes—such as police girl or French maid outfits…..

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