Gold, Silver Vending Machines sell small fortunes

As if expensive fruit-filled vending machines weren’t enough, now we have come across a report that tells of a Japanese company and their plans to install vending machines selling gold and silver.

Surely only in a nation so obsessed with vending machines — and relatively free of theft and crime — could this even be imagined! With growing consumer fears over deflation and lower salaries, the company CEO believes people will be keen to get their hands on “something they can touch”.

The products on offer will be precious metal items like coins and ingots, from a gram up to a quarter of an once. Cost will vary according to the current market value and with price updates daily.

After putting one in the Tokyo office building, they now plans to install a gold vendor in the capital’s Imperial Hotel. What next? Apparently taking the plans nationwide and even abroad to Hong Kong.

It might appear to be another example of “wacky Japan” but actually the Arabs and Germans got there first, with gold bar and coin vending machines installed in Frankfurt airport and the Emirates Palace Hotel last year.

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