Giant Doritos vending machine doubles as stage

A music festival in the States featured a special stage for performers in the form  of a giant vending machine as part of Doritos’ launch of their new “Jacked” tortilla chips. The  Jacked Stage hosted a number of musical performances over the weekend including  Snoop Dogg, The Cool Kids and Gemma Ray, and also served up product samples and  prizes to festival-goers.

The 56-foot-tall machine (50 times bigger than a standard vending machine) featured real bags  of Doritos with giant chips inside. The new Jacked chips are 40% bigger in size and thickness and come in  two flavour combinations: Enchilada Supreme and Smoky Chipotle BBQ.

Festival attendees were given the opportunity to earn large Doritos-branded  quarters that could be inserted into the vending machine to redeem products and  special prizes.

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