From Ferraris to bananas

Back in 2016, an entire building in Singapore became one giant luxury car “vending machine”. It is a car showroom with a difference created by Autobahn Motors and houses 60 exotic, vintage and supercars which buyers can browse on a tablet on the ground floor before an automated retrieval system brings your choice down. Strictly speaking, this is not the world’s first car vending machine (the US had them first!) but the Ferraris and Lamborghinis on offer almost certainly makes it the most luxurious.

In total contrast, a tiny machine on Tokyo’s Shibuya subway station will dispense single bananas or, if you are feeling peckish, in a bunch. Needless to say, it would be cheaper to buy the bananas from a store as each banana costs £1.20 but I suppose it depends on how desperate your need is to buy that healthy snack at that particular moment.  As you would expect, there are special bins provided for the banana peel afterwards….

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