French railway stations to have the latest vending machines

European vending company Selecta, who has a 100-year-old partnership with Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français (SNCF) will install 2,150 new vending machines in 819 railway stations of the SNCF’s network.  This will commence from September.

The new vending machines will feature a see-through glass displaying a larger range of products. The whole buying process is based on digital and e-connected technologies such as digital screens, real-time refunds, connections to My Selecta apps, contactless payment methods complementing traditional ones, and other functionalities.

There is also “a major improvement in ergonomics.” Products will be dispensed at a comfortable height of one metre, with the flap opening automatically. The same is true for change, so bending down to collect change or opening the flap with just one hand will all be things of the past.

Selecta hope that the new generation of machines will underline the company’s ability to transform the traditional vending business into a fully interactive concept that’s aligned with new, e-connected consumer behaviours.


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