Eden Springs to add new Capitani coffee machines

Eden Springs has announced its collaboration with Italian household appliance and coffee machine manufacturer Capitani, to cater for small- and medium-sized customers looking for ‘the perfect coffee at the workplace’.

Capitani, founded as a family business in 1979, also known as Espresso del capitano, manufactures a large range of professional espresso coffee machines for OCS and vending activity in Italy.

With an already strong presence in the machines segment for mid-to-large-sized customers, Eden Springs now plans to launch a range of three new machines with Capitani. The coffee machines will be compatible with all Edenissimo capsules.

The first markets chosen for rollout are Israel and Poland, with a phased plan in place for other markets across Europe later in the year.

Eden Springs CEO Raanan Zilberman said: “The collaboration is a significant step towards the international group’s vision to offer a total drinks solution across all of its geographical markets, irrespective of size. Small-scale businesses with lower consumption rates also look forward to that perfect cup of coffee, and Eden has perfectly captured this opportunity with Capitani to address these needs.”

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