E-Cigarette ‘Vapestation’ vending machine

Miami based company Vaporin will be the first company to market its electronic cigarettes through Seaga Manufacturing “Vapestation” vending machines.

Seaga unveiled its machine late last year, which is styled for mounting on a wall or stand and features a multilingual patron interface.

Under an exclusive agreement between the companies, Seaga will configure its machine to vend Vaporin’s products and Vaporin is the default provider of electronic cigarettes for all e-cigarette venders manufactured by Seaga.

The products offer the look, feel and taste of traditional cigarettes without any tar, tobacco, smoke and odour and are offered in a variety of disposable and rechargeable starter kits and flavours.

The vending machines will be rolled out to casinos, nightclubs, bars and other highly trafficked destinations and each Vapestation will have technology to prevent minors from purchasing e-cigarettes in environments open to the public that can be deactivated in bars and night clubs only open to consumers over 18. The machines will also feature a high definition video display for marketing and promotions.


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