Heard of CQUIN? And it has nothing to do with Strictly!

What is CQUIN?  It stands for Commissioning for Quality & Innovation and Thirst Link is currently helping a growing number of NHS hospitals to meet the challenge of satisfying the mandatory CQUIN for staff health and wellbeing, and so enable them to access their share of the CQUIN incentive fund.


The staff health and wellbeing CQUIN requires the provision of a healthy hot food service for doctors and nurses outside of conventional catering hours, particularly night shifts and weekends. Thirst Link worked alongside Bon Appetit, an expert provider for automated hot food catering, to provide 24/7 hot food vending, with over 50% of their selections being “healthier choices”.

Bon Appetit now serve over 50 hospitals, including the Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton, Somerset – a typical hospital site, spread out over a wide area – which now has a staff catering solution that fits the bill.

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