Cosmetics vending machine

L’Oréal is bringing the beauty counter to commuters by way of an interactive makeup vending machine located at a subway station in New York City.

The Intelligent Color Experience vending machine, housed in a vacant newsstand at the station, is merchandised with two dozen varieties of L’Oréal Paris mascara, eye shadow, lipstick and nailpolish.

The cosmetics vender, features a full-length mirror in conjunction with cameras and colour-recognition technology to recommend L’Oreal products to passersby. A digital animation of the patron’s silhouette appears on one screen, while a second screen allows her to choose one of the colours she’s wearing and “Match It” or “Clash It” with various products. Customers can then purchase the recommended products with a tap on the touchscreen display and a swipe of their cards. Or they can opt out of buying anything and choose to email the recommended looks to themselves.

The city’s subway system has retail space that is not currently under lease and vending machines like the L’Oreal pilot present promising possibilities to generate revenue from those assets.

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