Coke stumbles with white can & switches back to red!

Since the start of November, Coca-Cola replaced their iconic red cans with  seasonal white ones to raise awareness of and support for arctic polar bears.  However, just one month into the three-month campaign, the ‘Arctic Home’ cans  are being pulled from the shelves as they’ve caused confusion among consumers  and driven down sales.

One main reason for the quick exit is that consumers couldn’t readily  distinguish between the white promotional can and Diet Coke’s original silver  can. Buyers often realised too late that they weren’t drinking Diet Coke and  were frustrated by the experience.

In addition, a blind taste test indicated that consumers “felt that regular  Coke tasted different in the white cans.” However, Coke officials stated that  they didn’t change anything to the original recipe and only the appearance of  the can.

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