Coca-Cola vending machine complete with calculator

Coca-Cola Great Britain has developed the ‘Work It Out Calculator’ in association with ex-Olympian and professor Dr. Greg Whyte, to highlight the importance of balancing energy in and energy out.

The online tool lets you select your favourite Coca‑Cola drink and then suggests a variety of different exercises to burn off the calories it contains. For example, a can of Coca-Cola has 139 calories, so you could play basketball for 17 minutes, do the vacuuming for 51 minutes, practice pilates for 32 minutes, or try some salsa dancing for 14 minutes.

The ‘Work It Out Calculator’ also includes useful information on Guideline Daily Amounts, nutrition, and calorie consumption, to enable consumers to understand how much they should be drinking each day to help maintain a healthy weight. Helen Munday, Director of Science at Coca‑Cola Great Britain, said:

We want to help people understand how they can enjoy our drinks as part of a healthy balanced diet, whilst communicating the importance of an active lifestyle. We hope the tool helps inspire people to get more active whatever their lifestyle and time pressures, whilst providing important information about our portfolio of drinks.”

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