Cashless vending is better for business

In the States, a vending, coffee and food services operation, announced that 100% of its vending machines now accept cashless payments. Pepi, a Canteen Vending franchise, said it has completed a systemwide deployment of USA Technologies’ (USAT) cashless devices and ePort Connect service.

Two years ago, Pepi president and founder Vic Pemberton and USAT began working on a plan to roll out a cashless solution to Pepi’s vending machine base at 1,000-plus locations over the course of a five-year period.

Based on customer response to the initial cashless machines and the Georgia operator’s observations that his customers rarely carry cash, he made the decision in early 2012 to accelerate that timetable, with a goal of reaching 100% cashless for the remainder of his machine base by year-end.

“At Pepi, we don’t believe cashless is an option in our business any longer — it’s a necessity,” said Pemberton. “From a consumer perspective, the younger generation just doesn’t carry cash anymore, and we need to overcome that. The idea of any potential customer walking by our machines and not being able to buy something is just bad business.”

Pepi’s customers are increasingly asking for mobile payment capabilities, prepaid options and couponing and loyalty rewards programs, and it plans to work with USAT to expand its offering with such services, Pemberton added. “We believe 100% cashless gives us the necessary infrastructure to capture the incremental upside now, while we pave the way for new opportunities in the future.”

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