ByBox supports vending operator

Vending machines are found on sites around the country and many of us rely on them to keep us going throughout the day. One of the UK’s leading suppliers of vending machines is Refreshment Systems who have been supplying to factories, offices, boardrooms and coffee shops since 1967.

To get parts to its engineers, Refreshment Systems uses ByBox, the market leader in field service solutions. ByBox delivers Refreshment Systems’ parts in the night to arrive pre 8am to electronic boxes called iBoxes which are located on more than 400 sites across the UK.

The iBoxes are extremely secure and are situated at convenient locations such as supermarkets, train stations and petrol stations and are on average 2.5 miles from an engineer; no matter where in the country the engineer is located. And for those out-of-hours emergency repairs ByBox can also hold stock at its network of Forward Stock Locations which are accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Engineers are alerted by text or email when parts are delivered and simply scan their unique access card at the iBox to collect their parts. Using the same card, engineers can also return parts by attaching a return label onto them and placing them in the nearest convenient iBox. ByBox then ensures the part reaches the correct return destination.

Steve Wright, Service Manager at Refreshment Systems, said: “Our partnership with ByBox ensures that the sometimes inevitable downtime on our customers’ equipment is kept to a minimum. Our engineers can order parts up until 3.30pm and be guaranteed to have that part ready to collect before the start of the following working day.

“This has made a massive difference to the way in which we can structure each day’s timetable for our staff and has also greatly reduced the time and fuel we wasted by having to relay around the parts.”

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