Brits are always happy to queue – for coffee

Brits are officially a nation of coffee lovers, we already know that, but recent research shows that more than one in five admit that they’re willing to wait in line at a cafe for up to 10 minutes during the working week for a good cup of coffee, even if that means they will be late arriving for work.

Women are more patient than men when it comes to queuing and those working in sales, media and marketing are most likely to pick up a coffee on their way into work.  Nearly a fifth of these people admit that they would happily wait for up to 20 minutes in a queue for a good cup of coffee.

The importance placed on coffee makes it unsurprising to hear that Brits spend an average of almost £500 a year on it. The younger generation (16-24-year-olds) are leading the way, spending £12.79 a week on coffee shop coffee.

Think how frustrating it must be for employers to have their staff constantly arriving late for work as a result of queuing at a cafe to get a good coffee.  Smart employers know the answer – if they provide quality beverages on-site for their staff and bring the high street coffee into the office, there will be no need for employees to be queuing for coffee elsewhere.  Simples!


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