Brewed tea by the pot – for the office

Toronto based company Imperial Coffee and Services Inc.’s customers can now brew tea by the pot, using the standard coffee brewing equipment already in their breakrooms.

The office coffee service provider asked its supplier, Pluck Tea, to develop a brew-by-pot solution for its customers as an alternative to the standard tea bag. Rising to the challenge, Pluck Tea created Drip Tea, which comes with premeasured packs to steep up to 64 fl.oz. of hot tea at the press of a button.

The premeasured Drip Tea pack fits in a standard coffee filter and brews directly into the chosen teapot or thermos, providing a convenient solution for meetings, cafeterias, banquets and anywhere else that multiple cup servings are required.

“Imperial Coffee issued a challenge — to create a solution for customers wanting to steep whole pots of tea at the office, without purchasing complicated, specialty equipment,” said Jennifer Commins, president of Toronto-based Pluck Tea. “After many months of blending, testing and sipping, we are very proud of the result.”

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