Beer vending machine

A self-serving beer machine called DraftServ will be launched at a Major League Baseball stadium and will let fans purchase their beer through a vending machine.

Patrons must first visit a manned register and show their ID in order to purchase a prepaid debit card. They can then scan the card at the machine and choose a drink. Patrons can only use their cards to pour up to 48 ounces every 15 minutes and an employee is stationed at the machine to check IDs and intervene if a person appears to be intoxicated!

US company DraftServ has recently launched its new series of integrated fixed and mobile systems, complete with refrigeration, authentication and everything else needed to successfully and professionally dispense beverages. These solutions can be dropped into venues without any external installation resources. This effectively provides a complete beverage dispensing venue in a box for the likes of event-managers, restaurateurs etc.



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