Barry Callebaut Beverages coming to the high street

Barry Callebaut Beverages is rolling out plans to infiltrate UK high streets in a bid to expand its customer base and establish itself within the HoReCa market.

While the beverage manufacturer is keen to maintain its loyal vending client base, it’s now eager to build its portfolio of cafe and food-to-go customers, marketing a wider selection of products to this sector, including drinks that have proven to be popular on the continent.

“Besides the hot chocolate drinks for which we’re renowned, we also offer a variety of flavoured hot beverages via the Caprimo range, which gives our HoReCa customers scope to change their menus regularly, introducing new flavours and offering guest drinks,” said managing director for Barry Callebaut Beverages, Peter Holdway. “The Caprimo range provides a great opportunity for those same customers to get creative. For example, included in the range, alongside the flavoured cappuccinos and lattes, is the Caprimo Crème Brûleé – a versatile hot drink that can also be used as the basis for a crème caramel dessert. It can be enjoyed as a cold drink and is perfect as an ice lolly or an ice slush drink, as the ice doesn’t lose its flavour thanks to the dried milk powder contained in the mix.

“We welcome our customers’ input when adding to this range, as it’s the traders and the cafe owners who know best what their customers will enjoy and what’s most likely to prove popular. Any coffee shops out there with any thoughts on flavours, feel free to give us a call!”

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