Aramark joins the micromarket set

Aramark has recently launched its new micromarket service called “Vibe”.

Initially offered to business and industry accounts (there are 450 locations in the present), the unattended food and beverage service system is “designed to bring fresh and healthy foods to consumers who want to grab something quick and satisfying at any time of the day.”

A Vibe installation is modular, enabling Aramark to transform a small space into a micromarket stocked with items, including fresh salads, sandwiches, fruits, vegetables and prepackaged meals. The markets also offer a variety of beverages, including Starbucks.

As with other micromarkets these systems appeal to clients that do not have traditional cafeterias, or are spread out over large campuses or have shift-based work schedules outside of the traditional 9-to-5 day. They require no onsite employees to manage; customers use self-service kiosks to scan and pay for their selections, either with cash or “credit-loaded” cards, or traditional credit and debit cards. The markets are maintained on Aramark’s route-based service model, in which drivers monitor consumer preferences and replenish the installations accordingly.

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